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Gigamsys is a limited company registered in Kenya. We are a security and general trading company, engaged as an intermediary, importer/exporter or facilitator in various types of trade between and among government agencies, business enterprises and countries.

We play a vital role in the logistics of transactions, such as the global movement of products. We assume and manage risk involved in transactions and act as business consultants, using our vast trade experience in new business development. We provide many specialized services in the security industry as well as the corporate industry.

Through our extensive global network, Gigamsys is able to facilitate complex projects and transactions, and can assist you in expanding your present business or in identifying and developing new business opportunities

We take pride in our work and our products

Gigamsys remains focused on making the supply of products and services as simple and reliable as possible.

Our Mission

At Gigamsys, we do our best to always provide more than you would expect.

We strive to meet our clients’ needs every time with unwavering consistency. Top quality, personalized service is more than a goal for us – it is the cornerstone of our daily routine.


Solutions that Drive Performance


Why Us

We offer clients highly personalized service which is characterized by open and frequent communication, and a company-wide commitment to exceed customers’ expectations.We are guided by these values

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Strict Quality Standards

  • Experts in Technology and Security Requirements

  • Highly-Trained and Reliable Team

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