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We are committed to the highest ethical standards of sales and delivery of products. We remain responsible and responsive to customers through all stages of business transactions and maintain our values of dependability even after the completion of sales. 

At Gigamsys, we endeavor to supply you with not only the top brands in the industry at affordable prices, but also a wealth of knowledge regarding the products we supply.

Tactical Gear

Gigamsys offers a unique service to all our clients. We provide you with first rate security training by a  team of experts boasting a wealth of experience. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge which will help you become the best in the security industry.

Security training

We strive to enhance our customers’ experience by offering world class services in outdoor gear supplies. We are proud to bring you our resources and guides to help you make the right purchase

Outdoor Gear

We are the difference between turning back half way and completing your adventure.​​

At Gigamsys we apply time proven principles learnt through our experience to best prepare adventurers to conquer their adventure dreams.

Adventure Training

We supply reliable security and IT systems. We work with our clients to ensure that their homes or businesses are equipped with the best security technology.

IT & Security Equipment Supplies

To be truly effective, managers, leaders and even other staff members need to build a toolkit of knowledge, skills, and behaviors that will set them, their teams, and their organizations up for success. That’s where we come in

Team Building & Corporate Training

Solutions that Drive Performance

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